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Between life and death

For Maria Sonwunmi, being told that she had meningitis and knowing she could die at any moment was the scariest thing she ever had to live through. Here she shares her battle between life and death.
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Excelling against the storm

With the UK in financial crisis, the expected response is to find it a little difficult to get by and blame it on what the country is currently facing. But how about not living a life of excuses, and excelling against the norm? That is exactly what Daniel and Gemma Passley decided to do at the start of 2016, and they are still reaping the fruits of it up until now.
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Taking risks through faith

I had no clear direction for my financial life. I applied for several jobs as a hairdresser and went to many interviews, but never succeeded. This was disheartening and over time, I started to lose hope.  Read more »


I decided to fight for my marriage!

My wife did not accept my faith, which was an issue between us.

Two years ago, she confessed that she had cheated on me with another man. This broke me; I was hurt and we started fighting a lot. I lost all trust in her. Thoughts of separation bombarded me. I couldn’t be with someone who didn’t love me anymore. Read more »


I’d had enough of how I was living!

“Instead of staying at home and studying for my exams, when I was younger, I would go out and that really affected my studies. I decided to give myself a chance to change when I heard about a special programme happening in the UCKG HelpCentre – aimed at achieving goals. Read more »


I trusted God to make me shine

“After graduating, I worked for a recruitment company for minimum wage. I put all my trust in God and gave my notice in without having secured a new job. It did not take long for me to find one, but as I was only working on Saturdays, it wasn’t enough! Read more »


A campaign with unlimited results

Tiwonge and her family came to the UK to join her father. Although they had settled in the country, they faced challenging scenarios that came hand-in-hand with being an alien in a foreign land, as they had yet to be given leave to stay indefinitely. Read more »


Our marriage was not what I expected

‘I was 31 and Luciano was 36 when a mutual friend introduced us. Within a week, we started dating and after six months, we got married.’

Luciano: ‘After marriage things became very difficult. Read more »


Siviwe Chippa Mpengesi – Testimony

Does the Campaign of Israel work? Watch this and find out for yourself… Read more »

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