The practice of godliness is essential to our lives but it goes beyond more than just having a “good” Christian character. It is the mark of a person whose life is centered in God, a person who has become a vessel of the presence of God, just like Enoch, who left us with his example.

Enoch walked with God and pleased Him to the point that God was the focal point of his existence. He was holy and upright in an age where wickedness was the norm, as it is today. Enoch could have given many excuses as to why he could to succumb to the ungodliness around him, but he didn’t.

And this is how we have to live our lives today. Enoch lived a holy and righteous life through faith in the Word of the Most High. And like him, we cannot allow the pollution of this world to affect our character.

In the midst of calamity, we need to stand firm and not allow anything to affect our Christian principles. Instead of the world contaminating us, we should “influence” it with our faith.

For this to happen, we need to distance ourselves from what doesn’t please God and live a life of obedience no matter the circumstances. Is it easy? No, but it is possible. We have to be the “Enochs” of the 21st century. God wants to use our lives to make a difference; He wants His holiness to be evident through us.

Remember, we must always ask ourselves: ‘What do people see when they look at me?’ We cannot exude ungodliness through our speech, actions or conduct. We must strive to be the light in this dark world.

When we please God on a daily basis, our reward will be more than anything we can ever imagine. Our reward will be God Himself – that’s right! We will enjoy of being taken just like Enoch and have the privilege of walking with God for eternity.



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