How often do we say that our God is great and powerful? Yet, maybe people look at our lives and see the opposite of what we profess to believe. And the reality is that, when we ask people to come to God, they decline. Why? Because they don’t see the evidence of God’s power. We cannot accept to be one of those who advertise Jesus, but have nothing to show about Him. This makes our words lose credibility. How else can we prove to people that the Bible is not a lie if not through our lives?

God wants to solve our problems and make our dreams come true so that we can show His glory to this world. He wants us to shine His light to the world. Look at what Jesus said: “You are the light of the world… Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:14 :16) When the works of God are manifested in us, we become like a torch that shines from afar and brings light where darkness exists.

Keep in mind that God is not dead. He is alive. He wants to do something new in the lives of all those who have ears to hear, just like He did in the past. In fact, He wants to see in us what He saw in Gideon. Gideon’s life was not glorifying God, but he didn’t hide. He was revolted. He even dared to ask the angel: “If the Lord is with us, where are the miracles our fathers spoke about?” (Read Judges 6:13) Gideon did not accept the unacceptable, neither was he passive and this made God take notice of him.

The devil is the one that wants us to be passive! He wants us to be accommodated with our situation. But now is the moment to say enough! And if we obey the same instructions God gave to Gideon, then great things will surely happen, because obedience to the Word of God brings results and makes us strong. When God asked Gideon to build an altar, take the second bull and offer a burnt sacrifice, it was against his will. But Gideon’s faith was such that, he didn’t go against God. He sacrificed and got rid of everything that was separating him and the people from God. He put his future in the hands of God. This is what we have to do today; to separate ourselves from the things that do not please God and depend entirely on Him. When we do so, we’ll become living testimonies that save souls and glorify His name. This is the reason for our existence!

Remember that God even asked Gideon to reduce his army and they went to the battlefield with a trumpet and a jar. To human logic, this makes absolutely no sense. But when God reduced the number of soldiers, He became their army, thus showing their reliance on God. When we go to the altar, we are showing God that we trust in Him. As a result, when we fight, He’ll fight with us, because He’ll become our army too. And with Him, we’ll bring down the enemies that stand in our way.

Today, God’s eyes are upon us and He is calling the Gideons of the 21st century. In a time when it seems like the odds are against us, this is the perfect moment when the 300 of today must rise up and take possession of the promises of God. Our God doesn’t need perfect conditions to work, He just needs people of faith who have ears to hear!

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