Have you noticed that in the midst of adversities, we tend to be faithful and obedient to God by listening to Him and doing His will? However, after conquering a blessing or many blessings, we tend to forget God…that’s right! We forget where He took us from.

This was one of the main concerns of God in the past, and He still has this concern today. He even gives us a stark warning about this in His Word. “Beware that you do not forget the Lord your God by not keeping His commandments, His judgments, and His statutes which I command you today.” (See Deuteronomy 8:11)

The problem is that many people begin to assume that the reason why they have conquered many blessings is because of their experience, skills, expertise, etc. They put the blessings above the Blesser, thus claiming the glory for themselves.

This is exactly what happened to Gideon. We all know that Gideon was a man of faith. He had ears to hear in the midst of adversity and he obeyed God at every turn. But after overcoming, He did not remain faithful to God. Initially Gideon acknowledged God’s rule over him; he even displayed humility. But sadly, he allowed vanity and a moment of glory to possess his heart. He took his eyes from the Altar to the gold. (See Judges 8: 22-27)

His behaviour was in direct contrast to that of Abraham. Abraham was faithful to God in times of adversity and prosperity. He had just defeated a huge army and after being victorious, he acknowledged that it was the hands of God that gave him such a great victory. He acknowledged God’s lordship over him by giving the ‘tithe of all’. Abraham’s eyes were never on the gold, but on God even when he was urged to do differently. He rightly allowed the spotlight to shine on God. (See Genesis 14:18)

God does not hide the rights and wrongs of the patriarchs from us because He wants us to learn from them and follow the right examples. So, what we can learn from both men? God wants us to have the ‘Abrahamic faith’ because the truth is that as humans we are easily susceptible to pride. A moment of praise can knock us off our stride if we are not careful. That’s why we must be vigilant and have the fear of God inside of us. God even allows problems to knock on our doors, so that we don’t lose our dependence on Him. In fact, He wants us to be faithful in the midst of stormy waters and remain faithful in the midst of still waters. And due to His unending love for us, He doesn’t answer certain prayers to keep us from losing our salvation. As long as God sees that we are attached to the things of the world; titles, positions, material things, etc. He will not give us these things lest they become a stumbling block to us. That’s why we must strive to analyse ourselves daily and always give all the honour and glory to the One who deserves it.

Today, God is bringing this to our attention and He wants us to check which one we are: Are we Gideon post his victory or are we Abraham? God wants to make of us great testimonies and use us to save souls, but more than that He doesn’t want us to conquer the world and lose our own souls as a consequence.

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