Tomorrow is the big day; the Altar is ready to transform lives. Take this opportunity to overcome what you have not yet overcome – fears, doubts, insecurities, pride, malice, bad eyes, thoughts that are contrary to faith, everything that tries to take you away from God, from the Altar.

We have seen that over time, many have allowed themselves to be overcome by fleshly desires, temporary conquests, diabolical thoughts, hasty and negative conclusions, hurt, resentment, in short, everything that they once decided to leave behind at the very beginning of their faith.

They began to walk in circles, therefore always going back to the starting point and never advancing. Why?

They did not give ears to the voice of God and just like the people of Israel in the desert, they’re perishing.

However, it was not supposed to be like that. God gave them the opportunity to change whilst there was still time, but, they did not give ears to His voice…

Perhaps, you who are reading this text have been walking in circles, no longer have passion for souls or willingness to serve God with all your strength, the spirit of a servant is gone and there’s only room for your will.

Perhaps, you have fallen into sin, you’ve done something you’d never imagined yourself doing, and for some time you have been frustrated, stone-hearted, sad, disappointed, and have been thinking of giving up…

You know deep down that you are not well, but, prefer to hide this truth out of shame or fear of what others may think of you – enough!

Enough of malice, enough of acting on impulse, enough of giving ears to the devil, enough of hypocrisy, enough of sin, no more!

Tomorrow, climb the Altar with all your strength. Believe! Do what God is asking of you, there is still time to change this situation. It only depends on you…

My part is done, now it is up to you. God bless you, and whatever you need, you can count on us – but remember, I cannot do your part. The choice to be one of the 300 is yours!

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