Fast of Daniel – Task 7

BODY – Task 7

Task: Drink 8 glasses of water (you thought it was just for yesterday?) Keep it up!

SOUL – Task 7

Task: Visit a member of the church that you know and haven’t seen recently in church or at least call them and find out how things are going. Offer support or a friendly word. Invite them to come to church tomorrow morning and bring a bottle of water to be blessed.

SPIRIT – Task 7

Meditate on Revelation 2:18-29 – The Corrupt Church

Only read the text below after reading the Bible passage.

Jezebel is mentioned in the OT as the wicked wife of King Ahab. She was the one who introduced the worship of Baal into Israel and promoted the cruelest persecution against the Lord’s prophets (1 Kings 16.31; 18.4). Her name appears in the Book of Revelation as a figurative metaphor for paganism, idolatry and false doctrines that spiritually corrupted some of Thyatira’s Christians. Acceptance of this spiritual immorality displeased the Lord Jesus. Tolerating something is the same as condoning it, and that is exactly what the modern church has done in recent times, since almost no one dares to denounce sin and false doctrines to avoid being isolated and labeled a cult. They prefer instead to submit to this demonic system than to depend on faith. But those who belong to God do not accept mixing faith with other things, since we cannot be both His friend and the world’s (Matt. 6.24; James 4.4), nor can we please both at the same time

Task: Have you been tolerating the customs and practices of the world, such as, idolatry, false doctrines, non-Christian traditions, that corrupts your Christian principles? Have you been afraid of assuming your faith in Jesus?

Yes: Repent now from the wrong practices, tomorrow may be too late. Assume your faith in Jesus once and for all!

No: Hold fast to your Christian principles, no matter what! Ask God to help you to remain faithful until the end.

Reminder: Bring the list of your anxieties to church tomorrow and present them on the Altar, especially at 10am. Continue asking God to help you overcome anxieties and to trust in Him.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7)

If you have not concluded yesterday’s task go to: Task 6

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