The 3-Week Journey in the Faith of Abraham – Day 3

“Abraham & Lot…”

Whilst Abraham symbolizes those who are born of the Holy Spirit, Lot symbolizes those who are born of the flesh. The ones born of the Spirit have a divine nature and that’s the reason why they live in total dependence of their faith in God.

Those who are born of the flesh, however, live on the dependence of their five senses, especially the eyes and ears. Even though Lot lived with Abraham for many years and was blessed because of him, he did not learn the lessons of faith in having a spiritual vision.

When a person has the nature of God, he understands that his life depends on the supernatural faith. In order words, he does not make decisions based on a physical vision, emotion or feeling that are natural to the human will. Rather, he makes his decisions based on a spiritual vision; in other words, according to the will of God. That’s how Abraham lived his life from the moment he was called. He did not give in to his own will; otherwise he would have never accepted the challenge of sacrificing his only son, the son of his old age. He proved that he believed, materializing his faith in obedience to the voice of God.

Abraham naturally had a human nature, but with one particular detail: he lived by faith, which identified his divine nature. Though he was not born of the Spirit, he believed in God. And that was enough to justify him before God. And that’s exactly what makes the difference between “Christians” and Christians! It’s no use just believing in the Lord Jesus in theory as Lot did. He certainly believed in the God of Abraham, but when his belief was tested, he reacted like an unbeliever; he preferred to follow the vision of his physical eyes instead of believing in the God of his uncle, Abraham.

extraction from the Book “The faith of Abraham”


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    Hi Pastor Good evening.The message tonight was very strong.When I came to UCKG.I had resentment with someone who had hurt me.I could not forgive her for a long time.My unforgiveness took away my joy,happiness and my health.I had terrible headache and I took pain killers almost everyday.I could not sleep well,my heart was very heavy.As I have been attending services in Church,I was eventually received my inner healing two years ago.I completely forgave the person who hurt me, leave my old life behind and I decided to turn my back from religion,I have now peace and joy in my heart.I have been sleeping very well already and I did not have headache anymore,when I let go all the grudges in my heart.Thank You so much Lord Jesus You saved me and You transformed my life!

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