The 3-Week Journey in the Faith of Abraham – Day 7

Abram drove them away…”

Day 7 (Genesis 15)

“11 And when the vultures came down on the carcasses, Abram drove them away.” 

Abraham left for us a great legacy, a series of teachings of faith that once put into practice can revolutionize our lives! In Genesis 15, God makes a covenant with him and instructed him to present sacrifices.

Abraham did as he was told and cut the sacrifices in two, and placed each piece opposite each other.  As soon as he did this, the Bible tells us an interesting fact – vultures appeared on the scene.

Vultures are a kind of bird that loves to feast on carcasses of dead animals. They are constantly looking for the next meal. Notice that it was a “group” of vultures that came upon the sacrifice of Abraham, not just one. Their main intention is to consume the sacrifice!

As we continue this journey of faith, you can expect certain types of vultures to try to interfere in your commitments to God:

Vultures of doubt: This one is very dangerous; sometimes a small one can cause a big damage if not driven away. These vultures appear in the form of thoughts like: “What if my sacrifice is not accepted?” “What if it doesn’t work?” “Maybe I should not do it…” “May be I should return my envelope…”

Vultures of contamination: Vultures, as they feast on dead carcasses, collect harmful bacteria on their beaks and bodies.  Soon, they become carriers of bacteria and transport harmful pollutants to other places.  These vultures usually appear in the form of people who come to contaminate your heart and distort your vision. Usually they say: “Be careful, I think you should not do it… You are new in the church, some purposes are not for you… I’ve done it before and it didn’t work for me…

Vultures of fear: The moment you climb the Altar and pick up your envelope to sacrifice to God, He fills you with the assurance of your victory! But as days go by, evil forces begin to create situations to fill your heart with fear so you may give up, such as:

They begin to affect your loved ones, they create situations where you will be tempted to touch what you promised to sacrifice to God, etc.

Abraham took action and protected what he was offering to God by driving away the vultures; we also must do the same! Starting today, during the whole week, we’ll drive away the vultures who are trying to consume our sacrifices! We’ll pray against all evil who do not want us to show our faith to God.

As Abraham drove away the vultures, we’ll do the same every day!  The time of prayer rebuking all evil will be at 10pm, every day.

Write down below an experience you’ve had related to the message above. In case you’re facing hard moments right now, I will pray for you. Stay in faith! 

Let’s continuing doing what Abraham did! Don’t forget this week to read Genesis chapters 16, 17, 18 & 19. See you tomorrow!


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