God wants to come into our lives and change us from the inside out. However, there are many Christians whose lives do not reflect the glory of God. Does God forsake His people you might be wondering? The truth is that God does not abandon us, neither does He distance Himself from us. We are the ones who separate ourselves from Him when we don’t incline our ears to His voice. That’s why some even conquer a few blessings but fail to establish them through a serious commitment with the Blesser. And when the crumbs of blessings finish, they go back to square one again. God is always inviting us to live in accordance to His will, but most times, we are stubborn.

And this is exactly what happened in the time of Gideon. The hands of the Midianites prevailed against the Israelites because they did evil in the sight of God. Prior to that, the children of Israel had peace for 40 years until they went back to their sinful habits. (Read Judges Chapters 5&6). This shows clearly that as long as we are obeying, God fulfills His promises. But when we go back to wrong practices, we give room for the enemy to manoeuvre in our lives.

God’s will is not for us to be oppressed. He delivered His people countless times in the past and He wants to do the same today. His Word does not change! He wants to end all suffering and pain, but for that we have to be humble to follow His guidance. Simply put, when we live a life based on wrong doctrines and principles; disobeying God and living in sin, we limit Him. We even have to be ready to abandon our religions, traditions and stop following the world and its many voices. Think about it… if we follow the world, we’ll certainly obtain the result the world offers — lack of peace, sadness, uncertainties, etc

However, if we want to see a change in our lives, we must be ready to listen to God’s voice, say ENOUGH and make a decision to distance ourselves from what distances us from Him. In doing so, we’ll see His hands upon our lives, attain peace and salvation and the glory of the second phase will be greater than the first.

Who will have ears to hear?


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