Excelling against the storm

With the UK in financial crisis, the expected response is to find it a little difficult to get by and blame it on what the country is currently facing. But how about not living a life of excuses, and excelling against the norm? That is exactly what Daniel and Gemma Passley decided to do at the start of 2016, and they are still reaping the fruits of it up until now.

“2016 was a real blessing for my wife and I financially. We were not going to be pulled into the financial storm around us. Faithfulness to God is important to us and we carried this out. We believed we could turn the tides. At the start of the year, my wife secured digital PR contracts that brought in over 6k on top of her day job. This happened because she was confident she could deliver during pitch meetings. In her career, her March salary compared to the January one increased by 14k because she resigned from one job and relentlessly sought for higher-paid jobs. Mid-year, together, we raised thousands over a few months selling things we no longer needed.

Months later, I was inspired whilst watching a movie, that the crumbs of the millionaires equated to thousands for those starting out, and so I acted on an idea to manage small issues for large offices. In September, I aimed to earn £1,000 extra on top of my salary. Through selling online and my facilities management, I achieved my target twice over. We believed in challenging God throughout October and tested Him through purposes of faith to open doors of opportunity. After a lot of setbacks, I established a contract that guaranteed me an extra £2,000 a month for the next 12 months.

Whilst thinking about how we could turn our talents into cash, my wife thought of an idea to use her previous experience within consultancies to help businesses with project work. In the first week, she was only successful with two small projects. Nevertheless, it made her £1,000 profit. After a few weeks, she was surprised by a request to extend one of the projects and its success earned her over 10k. So overall, October was really fruitful. We were faithful to God in the hope of earning £1,000, and He returned to us more than 1000% of our goal.

In November, I managed to secure three small contracts, which guaranteed to bring in another few thousand before the year was out. My wife and I set a goal at the start of 2016 to save 10k, but we saved over double that amount. As a result, we ate out at some of the best restaurants and travelled six times that year, whilst working on building a stable financial future.

This year has been no different. Last month, I secured another contract that guaranteed me an extra £500 profit on top of what I was earning monthly and my wife decided to be audacious and ask for a pay rise at her day job and they offered her an extra 10k, with a generous bonus in March. Furthermore, her business on the side generates monthly income now, which we save. At work, I was selected as one of the top ten best performers in the entire company and as a result I’ve qualified for company paid training and a bonus that will be paid to me in August.

We are working hard and establishing ourselves financially and still have the means to have quality of life, whilst saving substantially. This is happening because we believe in the promises of God and we act on them without giving up. Beyond our talents and our actions, we see the undeniable providence and blessing of God. He truly is our Silent Partner.”

Daniel and Gemma Passley

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