Fast of Daniel – Day 1

Let’s take the utmost advantage of these next 21 days and grow in every sense. 

Every day, starting today, we will complete the five tasks of the day, focusing on five areas of your life: spiritual; health; relationships; finances, and personal growth. 

The goal behind the Fast of Daniel is to enrich your life in a general way and prepare you to set out with all your strength. 

How can I use this table of tasks? 

It’s likely that not everything listed below will apply to you. For example, today’s finance task refers to your debts. But if you don’t have any debts, you may substitute it with something else that pertains to your financial situation. 

If possible, I suggest that you carry it with you throughout the day, in order not to forget and also to mark what tasks you have completed. 

Are you in? 

So, let’s begin! Today’s tasks are on the right: 

Tasks_1Click here to download today’s task.


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