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Fast of Daniel – Day 10

I hope that by now you have started to take pleasure in doing physical exercise at least three times a week. If you still don’t like it, do it anyway. We can’t live by our feelings. 

The Lord Jesus taught us to pray for our enemies, and for those who hate us. You probably know someone who ‘can’t stand the sight of you’. Even if you can’t think of anyone in particular, you can still pray, for God knows that person. Ask God to illuminate, give them better thoughts and free them from hard feelings. 

Financially, consider ‘emergency funds’, an amount of money reserved for certain circumstances. It’s not that we’re expecting the worst, nor are we counting on misfortunes, but just as God inspired Joseph to economise in the time of famine, we have to be ready for whatever comes. Think of separating an amount which would help you get through at least two months, in case anything happens that interrupts your monthly income. 

This will give you some ‘breathing space’ until you fight to get back to your normal situation. Of course, you will probably have to start gathering and depositing toward this fund until you reach the desired amount. Still, today’s task is to begin this fund, even if it’s only £1. If you’re a business owner, think about doing the same thing for your company. 

Tasks_10To download today’s task click here.

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  1. Neetu

    Good morning Pastor,

    Thank you for the tasks each day. They are very helpful and inspiring and yes, I have seen a great change in myself by fulfilling each one of them in different areas of my life.

    May God bless you.

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