UCKG Post-21Days-Day11

Fast of Daniel – Day 11

Today, you will pass the halfway mark, which means you’ll probably get to the end of it. As a reward, you could even eat a bar of chocolate today… You deserve it! But, in keeping with today’s health task, make sure you don’t go overboard. 

The Lord Jesus taught us to pray daily so that the Father would stop us from falling into temptation. We often forget about this. Your task today is to deduce what has been tempting you and rebuke it. 

Today, I remember a book given to me by a friend, shortly after coming to the church. It was called ‘In the Footsteps of Jesus’, and it has been an important step in my walk of faith. The UCKG has various literary works for different audiences; perhaps you could pick up a book from your shelf which you don’t need anymore, or perhaps buy a new one and give it to someone at work, school, or even on the bus or in another public place. This is a way to give someone a chance to get to know who God is, or to strengthen them in Him. 

Let’s move forward with some more tasks. Don’t give up. 

To download today’s task click here.

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