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Fast of Daniel – Day 15

God promises blessings both to those who humble themselves and those who are humiliated. Your prayer and meditation will be about this teaching and promise. 

Preventive medicine: Don’t wait to have a toothache to go to the dentist, or wait for any other kind of pain to go to the doctor. The best way to prevent any problems is to have regular check-ups. 

Relationships: Today’s task will help you to think more about others around you. There are some people who need a rest from hearing your voice…and others who need to hear it. 

Financial: Do you remember the first two tasks of this purpose, relating to debts? Get the job done: set a date by which you must finally pay off all your debts. Write the date in a visible place and work hard to reach your objective. 

Personal growth: If you work as a secretary, buy a book on being an excellent secretary. If you’re a seamstress, buy a book about sewing. Basically, you should improve in your line of work, learning from those who know best. 


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