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Fast of Daniel – Day 19

The word of God says, ‘In everything, give thanks.’ Being grateful is a virtue. Look back and remember all the blessings you have received and give a prayer of thanks to God for them. 

Fruit day! One piece in the morning, one in the afternoon and one at night. Pure health! 

Your relationship task for today is to ransack your heart and mind to see if there is anything polluting your feelings and distancing you from someone. If you’ve had hard feelings towards someone, or any other kind of negativity, you probably need to do some emotional spring cleaning. 

Hobbies are activities you practise regularly during your free time that tends to bring you relaxation and enjoyment. If you use a bit of creativity and entrepreneurship a hobby can bring you some extra money. This is a challenge to help you grow financially. Start the search! 

We all have a negative voice that constantly speaks to us (the one that just said to some of you, a few seconds ago, ‘this hobby business is not for you’ etc.). Your job today is to silence that voice, drowning it out with words of faith every time it opens up its nasty mouth to criticise you or ‘throw a bucket of cold water’ over you. 

We’re on the last lap… Until tomorrow! 

Tasks_19To download today’s task click here.


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