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Fast of Daniel – Day 20

Those of us who are doing the Fast have already consecrated the Day to Sweat! So, no excuses! Put your training clothes on or any other comfortable clothes and fulfil your duty to your body. 

Have you taken a walk with God before? It’s very inspiring. You can do this for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour. So, take some time today, preferably in the morning, for a calm walk where you are going to talk with God. 

You have a special opportunity today to forgive, ask for forgiveness, and resume hurt relationships. You’re not obligated to – I know there are sensitive issues often best left alone. But, if you would like to turn the page and stop all the hard feelings between you and the person, take initiative and get in contact with him/her. You can erase the negative things that stood between the two of you and start over. 

Virtues are qualities of character that produce certain successes and good results: patience, zeal, hospitality, generosity, self-control, an excellent spirit…the list is long. All of us have our virtues, but we also lack some. Your personal growth task for today challenges you to identify a virtue that needs to be developed and start to work on it. 

Tomorrow will be the last day of our purpose and I hope that you’ll be here for the last tasks. 

To obey is better than sacrifice.’ (1Samuel 15:22) 

Tasks_20To download today’s task click here.

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