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Fast of Daniel – Day 4

We know that some people are discouraged and feel like giving up because they were not able to accomplish all the previous tasks. They wonder if there’s a reason why they should keep going. The answer is: Yes, there is! You won’t get struck by lightning if you don’t do a task. It’s good for you to try and do all of them, but if you can’t, keep going and do the ones you couln’t do on the following day. It’s better to keep going than give up. 

The table of tasks is on the right. One of the main goals for today is to think about your anxieties; fight them and don’t let any of them steal your peace, faith or money! People purchase a lot of things, especially during holidays, moved by anxiety created by advertisements and social expectations. Resist. Use your head. 

Relationship-wise, there is no one who knows you better than those who live with you or are around you constantly. They see the good in you but also know the bad habits that at times, gets on their nerves, so, today, we invite you to face the truth in humbleness. Find out from them, what makes you a person that is difficult to deal with. 

And as we said in yesterday’s article on how to break a bad habit, it’s important that you begin to practice a good habit to substitute the bad habit you had. For example, if I want to break the bad habit of doing things at the last minute, I’m going to make a good habit of organizing my time and agenda — never letting something important get done in a hurry, when time is running out. 

Tasks_4To download today’s task click here.

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