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Fast of Daniel – Day 5

Today we are going to use our head a great deal. We are going to think, meditate, consider, plan – and then take action. 

Some people are toxic – they don’t add anything good to our lives, and at times bring a lot of doubts and confusion. Just like the Lord Jesus advised His disciples to steer clear of the yeast of the Pharisees, in today’s task you should identify people you should cut connections with. Trust me, you won’t be losing out on anything. 

You’re going to use the power of your imagination (a ramification of the power of faith) to think about your financial situation. Imagine in detail how you want your professional life to be, your business, what you want to conquer, your finances, and your generosity towards others, 12 months from now. Have a fixed image in your mind. Travel there in spirit. See everything materialised through the eyes of faith. And don’t forget what you see. 

Speaking different languages is like a passport to new opportunities. But, if different languages are not your thing, learn to communicate better in your own language; this will also open a lot of doors. Consider this investment. 

Finally, after burning so many neurons, your last task is to make sure you are well hydrated! Seeing that sixty percent of the adult human being is comprised of water and that, water is critical to almost every bodily function, living healthily must therefore include conscious water consumption.

Tasks_5To download today’s task click here.

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