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Fast of Daniel – Day 6

Each task that you complete in this purpose enables growth and improvement in at least five areas of your life. Soon, some of these tasks will develop into good habits, and they will help you become a successful person. 

Today, schedule some time with God as if you’re going to a meeting with Him. Find a private place, turn off your phone and ask people not to bother you. Have your Bible with you and spend time meditating on a passage and talking to God. 

Your physical task today is to sweat! Find an activity that obligates your body to perspire after a couple of minutes. Run on the treadmill, jog in the park, move the furniture around, go up and down the stairs – whatever wets your shirt. Remember that if you don’t sweat, it doesn’t count! 

Regarding your finances, consider this: sometimes you buy things or spend money on superfluous items because of pressure from advertising, the desire to be like friends, or a wish to give your child their heart’s desire. If you look closely at where your money is going, you will probably find ways to economise hundreds of pounds. 

Lastly, identify activities which waste your time and eliminate them from your life. When you have more time available, you will grow. 

Until tomorrow! 

Tasks_6To download today’s task click here.

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