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Fast of Daniel – Day 8

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. If you don’t have any goals or a vision of what you want to achieve and simply live day to day, you’re just going to go around in circles. 

Your task for today invites you to think of what you want to achieve this week. Write your goals down. At the beginning of the day present it to God in prayer, asking for His help and favour. You’ll see how different this week will be. 

In the relationships category, almost all of us have someone who gets on our nerves; that person who annoys you and makes you wish there was a magic wand you could wave to make that person disappear or turn into a… rabbit. 

Since that wand doesn’t exist, the best option is prayer. So, your task for today is to pray for that person to get struck by lightning the good of that person. And as you pray, ask for patience, wisdom, self-control – and remember that someone else could be making the same prayer about you! 

It’s more than possible to gain control of your financial situation but first you need to know where your money goes. What have you been spending your money on? Is it profitable or was it an impulse buy to make you feel better? It’s time to identify where money has been wasted and put a stop to it. 

Let’s move forward at full speed in this second week of the purpose. Don’t give up! 

Tasks_8To download today’s task click here.

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