Fast of Daniel – Day 9

In the Lord’s Prayer, the Lord Jesus teaches us that we should ask the Father to deliver us from all evil. If evil didn’t exist, and its intentions were not to destroy us, the Lord wouldn’t have bothered to include this part in the model prayer. 

So, begin the day by rebuking each and every evil that is attacking or planning an attack against your life. 

Health wise, your mother was right: fruit and vegetables are better for you than a bag of crisps. Eat healthily today. (Why not tomorrow and the day after that, as well?) 

Be aware of someone around you who may be suffering quietly, hiding their pain behind a smile or make-up. Ask God for the wisdom, the moment and the words to offer understanding and advice to this person. In order to avoid sending any wrong signals or causing any misunderstanding about the kind of help you’re trying to offer, limit this contact to someone of the same sex. 

A budget is a layout of expenses based on your available income and a goal you want to reach. A personal budget, or a budget for your business, is a very useful tool with which to organise yourself for the future and to reach financial objectives. Invest some time in creating yours; it will be of great use to you. If you can’t create one today, schedule two hours to sit and work on it by yourself. 

Tasks_9To download today’s task click here.

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