Fast of Daniel Tasks – Day 14

Going to church is one thing, however going to church thirsty for God is another. When you go to church, go with one goal; to be focused on God. You will get much more out of the meeting. 

Health: fried food is nice, but too much is not good for you. So today, let’s not eat anything fried. If you can, reduce the fried foods in your diet to once or twice a week (or none at all). 

Relationships: who doesn’t like to receive compliments? When the compliment is sincere, it can make that person’s day, and even change it. So, today, notice something positive about someone. 

The financial task is self-explanatory. All that needs to be said is: when you reduce the amount of clothes in your closet to only the things you need, you will gain space. You could even make some extra cash by selling the clothes you don’t need, or help lots of people when you donate them to an organisation that gives to the needy. Not to mention that this task will help you realise that you actually only need a few clothes. 

And don’t forget: punctuality is a sign of competency and respect. Always arrive before the scheduled time, never after! 

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