Fast of Daniel Tasks – Day 16

Did you know that refined sugar is responsible for many sicknesses? Some people cannot eat sugar: they have to substitute it with honey, natural sugars from fruit, or non-caloric sweeteners in moderation. Today, let’s see how we get on without sugar.

When was the last time you brought someone to know Jesus? Saving souls should be a daily concern for Christians, but there are times when we keep trying to help the same people who don’t want Jesus (yet), and we forget about the others who are thirsty. Pray to God about this today, and ask Him to show you someone who needs to know Him. Ask God for His direction on how to present Jesus to that person.

In order to experience personal growth, we need to have order, clarity and a clean mind. We can’t have a clean mind if our workplace, studio, computer, office or even our own room is a mess. That’s why today you will take an hour to do some organising.

The other tasks don’t need any explanation; they simply need to be done! 

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