Following in Gideon’s footsteps

He said to them, “Look at me and do likewise.” Gideon, in Judges 7:17

God saw Gideon’s indignation and gave him a very specific instruction: to tear down the altar of baal and sacrifice the second bull of seven years old. (Judges 6:25) Just like Gideon, God will never ask us to do something we cannot do. When He asks us to sacrifice, it’s because He knows that we are capable. And in order for us to see God acting in our lives, we have to follow the same guidance and tear down our altar of baal; in other words, we have to get rid of sin and bring down all the idols in our lives: malice, bad eyes, grudges, fear, doubts, arrogance, pride, negative thoughts, etc. Maybe it’s even someone or something that we’ve been putting above God. It’s time to unleash our revolt against these sins once and for all because when sin rules over us, our problems and enemy will prevail.

Gideon left us a with a very compelling example on how to defeat our enemies. And for us to attain the same victory in our lives, we have to follow in his footsteps, just like the 300. The same thing he told his army, still applies to us today: “Look at me and do likewise, watch and when I come to the edge of the camp, you shall do as I do.” (Judges 7:17) The question is: Are you willing to obey?

Note that Gideon didn’t just sacrifice anything to God, he gave what God asked of him. He gave the hope of his future and put his trust in God. Was it easy? Definitely not. There were other voices that tried to dissuade him from sacrificing. Did he listen? No. He gave ears to God. When God asks us to sacrifice, it’s never going to be easy. However when our lives are in accordance to the Word of God, we have absolutely nothing to fear. If God is for us, who can be against us?

That’s why we must look at our lives today and say “It’s now or never!”… Revolt combined with faith forces God to react. And when He reacts, the valley of the shadow of death will become the valley of victory. In fact, when we’ve reached our limits, that’s when God steps in and takes over.

Today you are following Gideon’s footstep, but tomorrow others will follow your footsteps when they see your testimony. Do you believe? 🏺📯🔥⚔️

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