Following Jesus is easier than you think

History shows us that the freedom of everyday people came at an immeasurable cost. Wars and battles are fought even today so that people might have the freedom to live their lives the way they choose. Most of today’s nations allow their citizens to be solely responsible for their own lives. But even as the world rightfully strives to advance in human rights, people are still plagued by problems that can enslave them.

The difficulty that many people have in accepting Jesus is the fact they will have to make themselves subject to him. They convince themselves that they can do what they think is right, free from the faith or its obligations. What they fail to understand is that there is no neutral zone in the spiritual world. Even if they try to do good, it is not enough to free them from the burden that the world brings. They cannot just sit on the fence and stay there for all eternity. In the spiritual world, there are only two alternatives: either you are under God’s care, or you are susceptible to evil. And evil puts a heavy and painful burden on people by making them dependent on alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, pornography, social media, gossip, games, relationships, and the list goes on. They fall into this trap because they are in search of fulfilment and many who refuse to accept Jesus become so involved and dependent on these things that they even lose control over their feelings or thoughts. They become unable to control their own lives and forget that the only one who can remove the weight from their shoulders is the one who created them in the first place.

Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” (Matthew 11:29–30)

God urges us to take His yoke upon ourselves and learn from Him because His intent for mankind is for us to be free from all things. Not only freedom from other men, but freedom from the things that keep us enslaved spiritually, impeding us from reaching God — the only One who can take away our pain and worries. He wants us to learn from Him because he was the One who overcame all things. That is what true freedom means.

When you accept God’s yoke upon you, which is light and easy, He overthrows the heavy yoke that was put upon you by the evils of this world. That means that you start living a life under His discipline, obeying His principles, denying your own carnal desires and forgetting the life you lived before. This might sound complicated to newcomers, but God helps us to understand how easy and light it is to do because we never carry His yoke by ourselves. He helps us to do it!

When you truly understand what this involves every day, it becomes enjoyable because you live a life free of worries and you have peace. God becomes responsible for you and you do not have to suffer anymore because every problem that you encounter is overcome by the assurance and strength that God gives you. It is a radical change from simply surviving in the world to actually living the life that God wants us to live. It is one of those things that you wish you had done before because it would have saved a world of hurt. So do not wait anymore; it is easier to accept Him than to not.







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