Halloween Says Hello Again!

Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you.”

Matthew 24:4

Satan is a master of deceit and lies (John 8:44). The Bible calls him the deceiver and Halloween is just one of his tricks. Kids love Halloween because it’s both fun and scary. The more creepy freaky and scary the better. But they have no idea what’s behind this celebration. There are physical and spiritual implications from Halloween, which we will describe later.

But What is Halloween? Where Was it Born? What Was it For?

Halloween originated under the name of ‘Sanhain’ as a Pagan festival among the Druids (pagan priests) Celts of Ireland and Great Britain. Irish and Scottish immigrants carried versions of the tradition to North America in the 19th century. In the British Isles, All Saints Day (Nov 1) came to be called “All Halloweds” since it was a day to honor all the “hallowed ones”, the Christian dead. Because Samhain always occurred the evening before All halloweds, it came to be called “All Halloweds Evening” or just “Halloweds E’en.” From this it evolved to “Hallows E’en” and, finally, to “Halloween” as we all know today.

Because of the relationship in the names, and the adjacent dates, many today entertain the completely wrong and unfounded idea that Halloween is somehow a Christian holiday. But this is far from the truth. This misinformation has made it much easier for the ungodly festival to move in even to some churches, sadly.

To Satanists and adepts of witchcraft, Halloween is no joke. It’s one of their most solemn ceremonies of the year. October 31st was a night of terror called “Samhain or the Lord of Death”. Samhain is known as “The Feast of the Dead,” for it was believed that at this time the dead could return to the land of the living to celebrate with their family, tribe, or clan. It also marked the Summer’s End.

That night the Druids (pagan priests) went house-to-house demanding an offering for the spirits of the dead. A house that would not provide generous ‘food’ to the spirits would have a child sacrificed! That’s where the tradition of ‘trick or treat’ was born! In exchange for the victim, they would leave a Jack-O-Lantern (carved pumpkin, which would be lit), which was supposed to turn away demons and spirits of dead from harming that house.

Again, that’s where the tradition to place a carved pumpkin at the house’s entrance door comes from. Satan loves Halloween because it glamorizes the forces of darkness and promotes his messages for the occult. It seems to be working because researches points for a massive increase of teenagers drawn to the occult and dark style.

Physical Implications: The practice of “trick or treat” as best known as blackmail or instilling fear to prevent vandalism. Each year, the police department is inundated with complaints over anti-social behavior and property damages caused in the name of ‘trick or treat.’ Fear and even extortion have been reported to be put into many, especially the elderly, on Halloween ‘trick or treat’ visitation. The Accident Statistics Bureau affirms that October 31st is the deadliest day for children pedestrian deaths. M. Lozon, director of pediatric emergency medicine and clinical assistant professor of emergency medicine and pediatrics, sees the results of too much Halloween fun and unfortunate tragedies. “The emergency department gets extremely busy on Halloween. We see everything from minor injuries, like bumps and bruises, to more tragic and serious cases such as car-pedestrian accidents.”

Spiritual Implications: The tradition of offering candy, fruits or money as ‘treats’ on Halloween Night, came from the Druids when they would ask for ‘treats’ for the entities of the dead. A person involved in such ‘treat’ is making an offering for the spirits and that’s no fun at all! Christians should not engage in giving or receiving food that are said to be ‘offered’ to the Halloween season. Our Lord Jesus says, “No, but the sacrifices of pagans are offered to demons, not to God, and I do not want you to be participants with demons. You cannot have a part in both the Lord’s table and the table of demons.” I Corinthians 10:20-21. Need any clearer? Finally, one day of ‘such fun’ could badly affect years of one’s life and even have eternal consequences. Now, know that not even God interferes in your own choice. Life is yours and you decide what should be beneficial or harmful to yourself and family.

However, never say you were never told the truth!

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  1. Estrella B. Gammad

    Many people consider themselves christian
    but still celebrating ‘Halloween or All saints day’.
    I do believed that when they read this message
    the Holy Spirit open thier eyes and give them
    wisdom to think that we should not celebrate
    holloween because its unacceptabke toour God.
    Thank you Pastor for this message I’ve learned
    how to explain even better to the people if
    someone asking me regarding this matter.

  2. ellen villojan

    Many people are deceiving themselves as they know that they are christian, but without knowing they blinded in truth.They still celebrating “Holloween or All saints day because they follow the tradition of their ancestors.I’m sure when.they read this message the Holy Spirit will give them wisdom to open their mind and understanding that Holloween shouldn’t to celebrate because it is un acceptable to God, it is completely wrong.
    Thank you Pastor for sharing this message.I learned even more how to explain to other people incase someone will asking me regarding this matter.

  3. Apple

    So many People are deceive because they do not know the truth they are celebrating halloween with no idea what is the root of this occasion, people thought that this is just for fun. People must know the truth ( of course we cannot force people to believe, but for those open minded and who wants to be in the presence of God will stop participating this tradition. This message should be spread for people to be aware

  4. Tshepo Kejeleng

    I really pray many, especially young people would just open their eyes and see how certain choices can destroy their future, I pray the Holy Spirit would touch many of my generation so that they would just wake and not be deceived.

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