I cheated death by the skin of my teeth


Cynthia Guerra experienced what many would consider a ‘near-death experience’, an experience that could have shattered her and her family. 

“While picking up my youngest child from nursery one day, I encountered a horrific experience. One that left us terrified but also simultaneously assured me that we had been protected by God.

I normally do three different school runs as I have four children in three different schools. I went to collect my youngest daughter, and while I was putting her in the car seat, I heard a loud pounding behind me. To my horror, I turned to see bits of glass and parts of my car fly everywhere.

It was then I realised that a large lorry had passed by me and blown off the door of my car. It had passed by close enough to knock me down. I was in a state of shock; a friend who had been sitting in the passenger’s seat said she thought that I had been hit by the lorry. But luckily I was still standing.

The broken parts of the car, including metal and glass, all fell outside rather than inside of my car, which would have put my child in grave danger. The lorry completely missed both me and my daughter.

As I had to wait for the police to arrive, I couldn’t pick the rest of my children up on time, and their schools were only able to keep them behind for an hour or so. My husband works in central London, so he wouldn’t have arrived on time either. However, I truly believe that God is great and that He was giving me more than a helping hand the entire time.

Other mums from the nursery and schools helped me; they picked up my children and looked after them while I was finishing all the paperwork with the police and the insurance companies.

Afterwards, the lorry stopped and waited for the police and gave me all of the necessary details. A couple of months ago, another mother from the same nursery had problems with a van at the same spot, but the van didn’t stop, and there aren’t any CCTV cameras in that area. I trust that, in my case, God touched the heart of the lorry driver.

The car had to be collected by a recovery company and dropped off at a garage, as it was totalled. There were no direct buses to take us back home and the walking distance to my house was far too long to travel with my daughter, especially as I did not have a pushchair. However, another mother waited the entire time and dropped us off at home. A courtesy car was dropped off at my house the very next day.

After everything I have learned about faith and God at the UCKG, I truly believe that God was protecting us from being harmed. I believe that His guidance and grace were upon us the entire time. By attending the meetings at the UCKG and by following the guidance, I have learned how to use my faith in an intelligent way.”

Cynthia Guerra 

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