I’d had enough of how I was living!

“Instead of staying at home and studying for my exams, when I was younger, I would go out and that really affected my studies. I decided to give myself a chance to change when I heard about a special programme happening in the UCKG HelpCentre – aimed at achieving goals. So, I put God to the test and used my intelligent faith to take the necessary actions to reach my goals. That’s when I saw the result of my hard work.

In 2012, I left America, came to the UK and married my girlfriend. When I came, I had no car or house, but I believed that whatever I could achieve in America, I would be able to achieve here. I decided to test God again and made the greatest vow I had done until then. A year later, my wife and I were able to buy a supermarket, and this has allowed us to live a much better life, financially.’

Etiandro Junior 

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