Indeed it was a Day of Power!


Wave upon wave of people made their way down South Africa Road, enlarging the crowds outside the stadium who anticipated the opening of the gates. At 1pm, the multitude was let in and the seats began steadily to be occupied by excited and eager people. The quiet stadium was quickly filled with the buzz of discussion, people wondering what the Day of Power would be like and how their lives would be changed by it.

Chrissy B (host of the Chrissy B show the only TV show focusing on mental health) and Robert Ashitey (host of the Breakfast Show on Liberty Radio) then took to the stage to officially open the event. This was followed by a presentation by the UCKG youth group, the VYG. They sang a version of ‘There is Power in this Place’, leader of the VYG, Pr Ade Titilawo, was called on stage to explain what the organisation is about and how it works to help young people find meaning in their lives.

‘We are the youth ministry of the UCKG. You have seen a lot of young people lose their lives to crime. Our work is to show them that there is a way out. This stadium is named after a football player who lost his life to knife crime, so we are going to pray for his family and for you as well’, said Pr Ade, referring to Kiyan Price, a 15-year-old who lost his life in 2006. He then called on a young man who had had his life destroyed by gang violence, but who turned it around with the help of the VYG. He said: ‘My advice to young people is to open up. There is help there for you, so come to the VYG, open up and apply this help in your life’. Pr Ade then said a prayer for all the young people in the stadium and in the UK at large.

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Robert Ashitey then emphasised how welcoming the UCKG is: ‘The Day of Power is for everyone, regardless of your background. So, if you want to see a change in your life, this is the day’.

Chrissy B related her story of how she met God through the UCKG. She spoke to the more than 11,000 people present about how she struggled with depression and panic attacks from a very young age, for seven years. During this time, she found no help anywhere and began trying all sorts of things in an attempt to end her suffering. But when she found out about the UCKG and decided to attend one of its meetings, an advisor told her that her life could change – a message very different from what she had heard in other places. She clung to those words and through her faith she was freed from her problems. Chrissy B then announced the launch of her book Depression: It’s Payback Time, which will take place on 29 September at the UCKG headquarters in Finsbury Park.

After a few minutes of joyous singing and the praise that followed, Bishop Alvaro, UCKG leader in the UK, went up to the altar and delivered a powerful message: ‘I am here to fight your fight and if you believe, everything is possible. We are not here today to entertain people, but to see God’s fire’. He added, before saying a prayer: ‘Whatever we determine here will happen. Whatever we agree here on earth will be agreed in Heaven’.

‘Assuredly, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.’ (Matthew 18:18)

Bishop Alvaro then explained that even those who had little faith would see God’s power in their lives, because everyone would unite their faith with theirs so that everyone would be blessed. He then put the Bible verse to the test through a demonstration of faith, praying for the sick and oppressed:

‘If what is written here is true, miracles will happen. If not, then nothing will happen. Today we will see if God’s word is true or not’. He went on: ‘But I say to you, this will be the best week of your lives’.

Bishop Alvaro prayed for the people, who all held hands in a chain of faith, and in turn prayed for one another. The Bishop then focused the prayer towards freeing people from all sorts of problems.

After the prayer, the Bishop asked for people in the crowd who had been in pain beforehand. One woman said she had felt pains all over her body for six years, to the point of almost being unable to move. After the prayer, she felt nothing. Many others also spoke to Bishop about the miracles they had received, including another woman who had been blind but regained her eyesight.

Bishop Alvaro then proceeded to pray for the people’s families. By stretching out their hands towards their houses, everyone sought blessings in their family members’ lives and the end of whichever problems they were going through.

These miracles were wonderful. But the Bishop explained that Jesus had once sent 70 disciples to heal and bless people, but when they came back in wonder to speak to Jesus of the miracles, He told them not to be amazed, but rather to rejoice that their names are written in the Book of Life (Luke 10). Bishop Alvaro explained: ‘The purpose of the Day of Power is not only to heal the sick, but also to save the souls of those who are lost’. He then introduced the most important prayer of the event, giving people the opportunity to choose where to spend eternity, and invited everyone to surrender their lives to God.

‘We are not here to promote a church or religion, but rather to promote the Kingdom of God’, the Bishop explained, inviting the people to seek first the spiritual things in life. ‘Your joy must not be based on miracles, but in knowing that your soul is saved’.

The Day of Power event was a success and it continues for 2 more Sundays; 29 September and 6 October at all UCKG addresses.

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