Learn to protect yourself from the deceitful strategies of the devil

In spiritual warfare we must always have a plan for battle, to overcome the strategies of the enemy. We need to be one step ahead by knowing our weak spots, so that we don’t become susceptible to the enemy’s great objective of making us fall and give up in the battlefield.

The devil is relentless. He attacks by targeting our flesh, which is his ally, with the things we “need”, just like he tried to do with our Lord Jesus whilst He was here on earth in human form. If he can do that with Jesus, imagine us! The devil knows that we have aspirations, ambitions, dreams etc. But he uses these desires against us; he wants us to place our heart in possessions and in the glory of the world. There are even those who sell their souls in exchange for success and are lured by the beauty of the things the devil offers. Unfortunately, many have been falling into this trap. How many have left the presence of God because of a blessing? How many have turned their back on Jesus for the “bright lights” of this world?

Jesus is always alerting us to be wary of the glow of this world because the devil causes many to conquer things wrongfully. And sadly, they end up paying a high price – their soul! That’s why we must be watchful especially with our spiritual eyes. When we focus on earthly possessions, be sure that the devil will use them against us. The devil even gives people “blessings”, which turn out to be curses in disguise. With one hand the devil gives, and with another hand he takes away, be careful! We cannot compromise our salvation for the things of the world; sooner or later these things will perish!

Don’t forget that the blessings of God will never separate us from Him. Therefore, we must strive to protect ourselves from the deceitful strategies of the devil by focusing solely on doing the will of God and being alert, or else we will lose out on entering the kingdom of heaven.

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