My experience with God

It was on a Wednesday evening, I was in front of the altar, all I wanted was God in my life, nothing else was more important than Him to me…

Before I talk about it, a couple of weeks earlier, I broke up with my girlfriend because she told me she didn’t want to come to church, I completely cut off all friendships that did not help me to stay close to God, I turned my back drastically on everything that connected me to the world such as books that were not in accordance with the Bible, pornography, addictions, promiscuous places, grudges, wrong crowds, bad habits, etc. It was very painful and there were moments I even said:

“Wow, what am I doing?” But, suddenly a thought would pop in my head: “Keep doing it, you are doing the right thing, don’t stop!” then, I would hang on to that thought and act upon it, rejecting the negative one.

Today I know that that thought was the Holy Spirit guiding me and helping me! I decided to get baptized in water. From that day on, I never again went back to my old life! That’s when my next mission began, to be baptized in the Holy Spirit! Wherever I was I would think about the Holy Spirit, at home, on the streets, in the University, even when I was in the army’s boot camp, there were moments I would say, “what am I doing here, I could be in church seeking the Holy Spirit! During many days I’d wake up 3am in the morning just to say to God “I want Your Spirit”! As I said before, nothing was more important to me than the Holy Spirit!

So, going back, it was on a Wednesday service, 7:30pm that I had my experience with God! I was in front of the altar, a lot of people were around me, I poured out my life to God there and then! I told Him how much I wanted Him, how I wanted to do His will, how this world meant nothing to me…

Suddenly, an assurance that God was there with me, He cared about me, He accepted me, He loved me, He was real, all together, led me to praise and worship God like never before! As I was worshiping God with a smile on my face, tears would roll down; I was smiling and crying at the same time. For a moment I found it strange, but I ignored that thought and I kept worshiping God, but this time it was different than the other times, I knew that God was real and He was with me! I just knew it; nobody needed to translate to me what was happening at that moment! It was amazing!

The pastor told everyone to go back to their place, and when I saw the people on their seat I wanted to hug everybody, I didn’t care if they were beautiful or ugly, I just wanted to hug them! From that day on, a desire to help people and wanting them to experience what I did have not departed from me! The Holy Spirit was inside of me!

God wants you to know Him, not the way religions have taught you, but who He really is! He wants to live inside of you, but for this to happen, you must do your part!

I’ve shared my experience with you so you may have a better idea of what to do, now, the decision is yours.

“You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13


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  1. Joely Visto

    That is true Pastor, when we decided to have the Holy Spirit inside of us, we leave everything that is not of God. I did it as well, before I had encounter with God, I leave all my worldly things and decided to follow God’s way.
    Thank you Pastor.

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