No more intimidation

When Goliath confronted the people of Israel, every soldier in the nation was petrified at the possibility of having to face him. Not only was the giant huge in size, but he also had an aggressive and intimidating nature. He yelled insults against Israel and their God and challenged them to oppose him. That was when David, a young and skinny shepherd, became revolted at the situation and confronted the one who was blaspheming against his God. He put God first, and in the end, defeated his enemy without suffering a scratch.

In the Bible, we see many men and women who seemed to be small and meek but confronted their big and powerful enemies whenever God’s name was being put to shame. This kind of courage was the special trait that made them heroes of the faith. They were all victorious because God was always with them, and they trusted God regardless of the odds.

In the same manner, we have to understand that when we face problems in our lives, the name of the Lord Jesus has the power to bring an end to them. If we cower before our problems and don’t use the power of His name, we allow our problems to be greater than our faith. This means victory for the evil that is the driving force behind our troubles.

When you truly understand the power that God has made available for our use, you will see that the problems in your life are akin to bullies who seek the pleasure of defeating you through intimidation. Whenever you confront them, especially when you have a great God to support you, you put an end to the humiliating situation. That is why we cannot tolerate being humiliated by the actions of evil. We have to use the power that God has given us through His Spirit in order to overcome them. If you learn how to keep your head held high and put God first when you face your challenges, never again will you go through humiliation, or tolerate intimidation.

Remember, God is looking for men and women who are courageous enough to stand their ground against all odds. He wants His name to be glorified in our lives, and the way to do so is by facing ‘great’ enemies even though we ‘seem’ small. That way, everyone will be witness to God’s greatness when we are triumphant.




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