Nothing is Impossible Event

10 years of pain and suffering came to an end! Watch it now…




Nothing is Impossible Event 

You too can experience a total transformation in your life!

Join us this coming Saturday at 11am & Sunday at 9am and 11am.

For with God nothing is impossible!




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UCKG HelpCentre Hong Kong


8th Floor – Trade Square Building

681 Cheung Sha Wan Road

Cheung Sha Wan

Kowloon – Hong Kong

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  1. nida ramos

    To God be the glory!Amazing testimony! I saw it with my own eyes how this lady was set free from her illness and God has healed her! I was there in the Church on May 15 ,2016.Indeed with God nothing was/is impossible!

  2. Estrella Gammad

    Good mprning Pastor,
    All the honor and glory is for God many great things has yet to come and to be done. Many people experience the healing power of of our Lord Jesus Christ especially those who come to attend our service for the first time they are delivered from missery for 10 years. her suffering coe to an end f9r with God nothing is impossible.

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