Our marriage was not what I expected


‘I was 31 and Luciano was 36 when a mutual friend introduced us. Within a week, we started dating and after six months, we got married.’

Luciano: ‘After marriage things became very difficult. I was working a lot and I didn’t have much time to be with my wife, not even on weekends

Priscilla: ‘The lack of attention made me emotional. Our marriage was not what I had expected. Things got so bad that he was even abusive towards me.’

Luciano: ‘I fell into depression. During this time, my sister in-law introduced us to the UCKG HelpCentre. It was here that I was able to find the light I had been needing all along.’

Priscilla: ‘We learnt how to use our intelligent faith by putting into practice what we were taught. We then challenged God to lift the darkness from our marriage. Both of us changed; we became one and consequently our marriage has been restored.’

Priscilla and Luciano Theodore



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