Read the Bible in 365 days – Week 1

As Christians, we are all too aware that what we see, hear and think about feeds our soul. So, what have you been focusing your eyes on lately? What have you been feeding on? Let’s invest in our spiritual lives and feed our relationship with God by reading the Bible.

Daniel is a great example of someone who invested time on what was most important. He separated three times in a day to pray and invest in his communion with God. Consequently, he not only had some of the greatest revelations from God, but also had an unshakeable faith.

We will do likewise and all those who want to invest in their spirit are welcome to join in.

Similarly, we will separate time to meditate on the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. It is going to be all about less ‘face’ and more ‘books’; not just any book, but the Word of God.

Each day, you will meditate on a chapter and verses, as described in the Bible Reading Plan. Tick the boxes as you go along, to keep track.

Get started and be enlightened as you follow the Bible Reading Plan.


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  1. Evelyn Somah

    Good evening Bishop,
    Thank you for the Bible Reading Plan.
    I have decided this year to read the whole bible and I have started by disciplining myself to read the bible daily.
    God speaks to daily as I feed on His word. It’s so beautiful to be in communion with God daily.
    Thank you and may God continues to bless and use you.

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