Slaves With Crowns

If you were presented with what appeared to be an ordinary painting or wrist watch and asked if you’d trade your house for it, would you do it? The most likely answer would be “no!” But what if you discovered that the ‘ordinary’ painting or watch was in fact worth millions? Would that make you change your mind?

When the true value of something is not known, it is often despised and considered insignificant or cheap. Sadly, this is how many people have been dealing with what is spiritual. They shrug at the privilege of receiving the Holy Spirit and instead prioritise their needs for this life and the conquest of material blessings. That is simply because they fail to recognise the true value of spiritual blessings and insist on making wrong choices that result in a life way far below the one God has promised for His children.

Jesus left us one crucial lesson during the last supper, when He, being Lord and Master, chose to humble Himself and wash the feet of His servants. If the Lord of lords placed Himself in the position of a servant, we ought to do the same for others. However, the devil has blinded people’s understanding of what it truly means to be a servant of God and this is why many reject it. They cannot recognise the value of being a servant of God.

In this life, there are only two positions we can occupy: either chose to be a servant of God or try to be the master of our own life, consequently becoming a slave of the devil. There is no other available option; anyone who isn’t truly serving Jesus is a slave of Satan.

The world is Satan’s domain. He can ‘give’ things to whoever he wants, but there is always a catch — if he gives with one hand, he’ll surely take away with the other. Those in this world who are seen as ‘kings’ and have everything money can buy, still lack peace, feel depressed and struggle to make it through the day although the world is at their feet. They are slaves with a crown; they are not really living, but merely surviving; and so it is with every person who refuses to take the ‘servant’s seat’.

Now you have the truth in front of you and the opportunity to make the most important decision of your life: Who will you chose as your lord?



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