Many are those who put the Baptism in the Holy Spirit aside, forgetting that before conquering anything else, we must focus on being the blessing itself. Yes, it is important to attain material things; however, these things cannot take God’s place in our lives. Think about it…if our spiritual life is not blessed, how can any other area be blessed? And worse, without the Holy Spirit, we run the risk of losing our salvation. The Holy spirit is not just essential; it is as vital as having oxygen. He is the guarantee of our spiritual survival!

Just like the disciples in the past, who were in one accord in Jerusalem, obeying Jesus and pleasing God, in the same way, when we place all our choices of life and sinful habits on the Altar and we pour out ourselves fully to Him, He will fill us with His presence.

And this is exactly what happened today. The Holy Spirit descended upon the lives of those who sought Him with all their strength and surrendered wholeheartedly to God. Lives were transformed, people became part of God’s army and others were one step closer to receiving the Spirit of God. Remember, the devil will always bring reasons to discourage you from receiving the Holy Spirit, but the thirst you have for Him is a sign from God, that you are one step closer to achieving the greatest blessing of all.

Now, we must strive to protect our communion with God which is our greatest asset, hold on to what we have received and choose to remain in Jerusalem until the end.


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