What happens when a person uses their faith on behalf of a family member? Watch this video to find out

There comes a time in life when you’ve just about done everything possible to change the situation in your family, from counselling sessions, the silent treatment, family gatherings and pretty much anything that your mind can come up with.

But seldom do people think about placing their family in the hands of God, on the altar.

No one has direct access to another’s heart. If it were so, many wives or husbands, fathers, mothers or children would have tweaked a few things in their family members so that home can finally be a war-free zone.

God however, has the power to turn the heart of even the most stubborn person in whichever direction He wishes. Is it then not logical to bring the struggles one faces in the family to the One who can truly do something about it?

The inspiring story of these two sisters in this video is proof of how God can transform a home once it has been surrendered into His hands.

This Sunday, 10am, you are invited to do the same at your local UCKG HelpCentre. Place your family in the shelter of the Most High, and see if you too can experience what happens when a person uses their faith on behalf of their family members.



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