The Scandal of it All

Then Mary took a pound of very costly oil of spikenard, anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped His feet with her hair. And the house was filled with the fragrance of the oil.” (John 12:3)

Pay attention to the above verse, so that you may have a broader understanding of the message and take away with you what is precious about the Word of God.

We see that Mary anointed the feet of Jesus, but not only that, she did much more: through her action, she surrendered herself to God.

What Mary did had such an impact that even today, we speak about it.

The purity and quality of her action expressed the faith and represented Mary’s life, and by using the expensive oil, she surrendered her dreams and her future to Jesus. Mary invested her savings in that perfume, in order to use it at her wedding, however, a desire within her wanted her to sacrifice it, so instead, she poured it on Jesus.

At that moment, she placed Jesus above her greatest dream, above her culture, her country, and her family traditions. What Mary did wasn’t a waste, she was demonstrating her devotion to God.

Jesus is looking for people who are willing to make Him their treasure, to marry Him in the spiritual sense. He doesn’t want to be a god, He wants to be more than that. One day, I poured everything out at the altar, and now, He is more precious than anything in my life.

I distanced myself from my values; only my mother, father and I are Christians. We didn’t care what the rest of my family said, we assumed our position as children of God. Just as Mary did, we poured out our lives, our everything, and in return, Jesus transfigured our lives. We became better people; my parents were in the middle of a divorce, and God managed to restore their marriage, which is something that seemed beyond impossible.

That’s what Jesus does to people who decide to make Him their treasure.

When evil spirits enter a person, they disfigure the life of that person, just like when God created the earth, He said let there be light!and light came to this world. But then Satan came to disfigure it, which is why God had to transfigure our world once again through His Word.

Before we come to the UCKG HelpCentre, our lives are disfigured by the works of evil, but when we come to God and pour out our perfume, our lives are transfigured. Just so we all understand, to disfigure is to spoil the appearance of something, while to transfigure something is to transform it into something more beautiful and elevated. God transfigures what evil spirits disfigure.

This is what God wants for you – when you receive His Spirit, the fragrance will spread in your house.

Are you ready to do what Mary did, and pour out everything to God?

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