The Spiritual Warfare

In a spiritual warfare, knowing how to defend yourself from your opponent’s counterattack, is just as crucial as knowing how to attack him. The devil is like a roaring lion that constantly targets our human needs, in order to use them in his favour and consequently against us.

He works in all sorts of ways, but as a general principle, the devil always tries to find out where our weakness is, and then he will focus his attack on that particular area of our lives. If, for example, we have a problem with laziness, lack of discipline, pride, constant sexual urges, etc. we can be certain that the devil will try to take advantage of that weakness.

Defending our weak spots with a strong faith is extremely crucial if we are to overcome the devil and his strategies. We can never assume that we are strong enough, because even Jesus was tempted by him. That’s why we must always be alert and watchful by feeding our faith daily, depending on God, ensuring that we are putting the Word of God into practice in our day to day lives and avoiding places or people that can easily lead us to sin.

Are there unnoticed weak spots in your life where the devil can get a foothold? It’s time to close the gap and protect your salvation at all costs!


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