DETOX – Virus #7

Repentance is what detoxifies a person from this virus, and below is a basic list of the steps to repentance:

Acknowledge your sin – This is the first and most important step. There can be no true repentance without this.

Hate sin – Unless a person decides to hate sin, he will keep going back to it until it becomes normal to him.

Turn your back on sin – If you don’t do this, and do it immediately, you will never find the strength to abandon it.

Forget sin – After all the above, treat sin as though it had never happened.

After repentance, the detoxification process continues with baptism in water. The decision to bury your sinful self is in reality a decision to follow God in a new way: obedience, commitment and submission to His Word.

After this it is crucial to insure that you continue to have a pure conscience.

Since a good conscience is the basis of faith, never allow it to be stained. Follow this rule:

“Never do in private what you would not do in public.”

One meaning of the word “devil” is ACCUSER. If you give him no opportunity to accuse you and are never indebted to him, he will have nothing to use against you. Without the power to accuse, the devil loses all of his strength.

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