What do these foxes represent?

Catch us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vines, for our vines have tender grapes.” (Song of Solomon 2:15) Why are the little ones highlighted? What does this exchange between lovers have to do with you and your communion with God?

IMPATIENCE: The famous little fox 

This little fox is well known to us all. It doesn’t like to wait and often shows up in the most unexpected points in our lives; more specifically, when we make room for self-centeredness that pushes us to demand everything NOW!

Let patience have her perfect work…By your patience possess your souls. See James 1:4; Luke 21:19

MURMURING AND COMPLAINING: the moany little fox 

These two little ones are closely related. They also seem tiny and insignificant, but their work has catastrophic results! In the time of Moses, God’s people suffered terrible consequences for letting this fox stir up their discontent into vocal rebellion (Numbers 11).

Instead of murmuring and complaining when faced with difficulties, determine that the promises of God will be fulfilled in your life no matter what you see, hear, or feel!

GOSSIP, BACKBITING, AND TALEBEARING: The deadly little trio of foxes

What a team these are! They are so closely related and so deadly that they are virtually siblings to the foxes ADULTERY, HATRED, and MURDER. Despite their deadly bite, many who profess to love God and His Kingdom have still allowed them into their vineyards.

They must be driven out by force! See Matthew 7:5; James 2

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