Did you know that having the Holy Spirit is not just essential; it is vital? When we have the Holy Spirit, we have the power to overcome our battles.

And it was through the power of the Holy Spirit that Samson was able to tear down a lion with his bare hands. Samson was not an ordinary man, he was a chosen vessel of God and he had a vow with God. However, Samson broke this vow with God as we see in the book of Judges. “After some time, when he returned to get her, he turned aside to see the carcass of the lion. And behold, a swarm of bees and honey were in the carcass of the lion. He took some of it in his hands and went along, eating.” (Judges 14:8 – 9) By taking the honey from the dead lion he broke his vow with God. The honey represented something very sweet and appealing to his eyes. And for that reason, his flesh was “screaming at him” and unfortunately, he acted impulsively. Maybe you are wondering “what does this have to do with me?” Just like Samson, many are those who are breaking their vows with God because of the “honey” presented by the devil. Was it wrong for Samson to eat honey? No, but from a dead lion, it was! How many situations are presented to us daily by the devil? Appearing sweet on the outside, but designed to make us fall. Think about it… is it wrong to have intimacy? No, but before marriage it is! Is it wrong to solve a problem? No, but when we lie whilst solving, it is. When we break our vows with God to fix a problem, we create an even bigger problem for ourselves; the problem of losing our communion with God.

We must realise that when we decide to follow God, we are making a vow. And as long as we remain faithful, we are strong. However, when we break our vow, the inevitable happens: we become weak, just like Samson. He did not give due attention to his relationship with God, even though he was explicitly warned not to go near a dead body. (See Numbers 6:6)

Breaking a vow gives the devil unprecedented access to our lives. Have you been behaving like Samson? Have you been careless with your vows? Have you been touching your tithes? Have you been allowing the pleasures of this life and the glory of this world to cause you to break your vow with God? Remember, going for the honey can cost us our salvation. We cannot give in to pressure and allow anyone or any situation to influence us to break our vow with God. In fact, to please God, we have to displease people.

Remember, the spiritual fall of a person happens gradually. Nobody gets cold from one day to another. It occurs in a slow and gradual way. There are many who are full of tasks and are active in the Work of God but are fallen spiritually, just like the church in Ephesus. (See Revelation 2:1-5) Others, despite their biblical knowledge, no longer fear or take pleasure in God’s teachings. Samson abandoned his first love and he paid dearly for it. Being in the first love, is what makes the difference between those who are lion slayers and those who are slayed by the lion. That’s why God wants us to examine if we are truly in the faith. If not, we must repent and go back to our first love.

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