The mindset of someone who is involved in a battle must include a knowledge of the enemies tactics. Therefore, it is essential that we understand how the devil functions.

Distortion of truth has been Satan’s tactic since the beginning of time. Just quickly glance back to the garden of Eden. The enemy takes the truth and twists, distorts, and manipulates it so that we experience confusion and believe lies disguised as truth. And there is a plethora of distorted truths that he presents to us to cause us to give up in our faith. He even attempted to sway the Lord Jesus with this deceitful tactic. He used a Psalm and distorted the passage in the Word to try and make the Son of God sin.

However, Jesus shows us how we can stand firm against “Bible twisting”; He doesn’t try to reason His way around Satan’s plot; He states the truth already given by God in His Word. This is the only way to effectively stand against temptations. That’s why ignorance of God’s Word and not having it hidden in our hearts makes us sitting ducks in Satan’s shooting gallery.

We must also bear in mind that the Bible contains the Word of God, the word of men and that of the devil. And if we are not watchful and perceptive, our lives will be stagnant because we are basing it on the word of a man or even the word of the devil. It is crucial that we are careful with anti-biblical doctrines and people’s opinions and always confirm the words we hear with the Word of God.

The Word of God is the instrument that God uses to bring salvation into the life of an individual. When used effectively, it is our weapon against the devil and his devious strategies. And when we listen, meditate and put it into practice, not only will it set us free and open our eyes, but it will cause a revolution in our lives.

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